Effortless Workforce Management

Able HR is an online human resource management system that offers an easy to use and comprehensive tools to maintain your workforce database, to recruit talents, to process payroll, to implement policy compliance, and to manage your employee’s performance.

Employee Data Management

Able HR is your virtual file to keep records of employee’s personal information, superannuation, bank accounts, tax information, statement of earnings, leave requests, leave accruals, loans and much more.

Payroll Processing

Includes all functionalities of Able HR that allows you to run pays for your employees and stores their payroll histories.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

The hiring module allows the creation of job vacancies. These job vacancies can be posted on social media that has link for applicants to apply and submit their resumes. Able HR’s hiring process allows the hiring lead to review job candidates and send them job offer electronically if deemed fit for the vacant position.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Setup your on boarding workflow by creating on boarding tasks associated with your new recruits. Through this workflows of tasks, you can ensure that your new recruits’ transition will be effortless. Similarly to on boarding, a workflow should still be followed to ensure that an employee exit is executed on the right way while complying with your company’s policy.

Policy Compliance

Send off appropriate reminders and notices about the company policies to the right people when the need to do so arise. Issue disciplinary memorandums through the system and maintain a record of these memos linked to their profile. These disciplinary actions made are kept in the system that you can later use for evaluation purposes.

Performance Review

Assess employee’s productivity through the performance review tool of Able HR. Customise your performance appraisal templates according to the job and employee’s objective. Assign these templates to selected employees to be used later for use. You can schedule when a performance review is due for an employee and assign the review task to his supervisor or to a selected senior member of the team.

Employee Kiosk

Able HR’s Employee kiosk provides a self-service tool for employees to extract their payroll records and update their information. If they opt to be notified when their payroll is processed, they can simply tick the option to notify them via email. Without having to send out paper payslips, employees access their payslips through the kiosk. Request your leave through the employee kiosk and your supervisor will be notified of you leave application that can either be approved or declined by your immediate superior.

Employee Benefits

Offering benefits to your workforce is a clever way to attract skilled employees and at the same time retaining and rewarding your company’s talent. Able HR provides the function of setting up these company benefits and applying them to the entitled employees. If the benefit is a co-contribution of both employee and employer, the payroll process includes a workflow that automatically include this employee share deduction on the payroll.



Take advantage of the different reports required by NASFUND, Nambawan Super, NCSL, Nambawan CSL, or IRC that are easily generated at a click of a button. An array of payroll and employee reports are made available to help with your reconciliation every after pay processing. Statement of Earnings are generated from Able HR in both S1 and S1-L form.